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  • How long has Got Web, Inc. been in business?

    Got Web Inc, has been building websites for business for over 20 years. Due to our long standing in the community, we have had the opportunity to work with many of the area businesses over the years. Most of clients have been with us for over 10 years. There have been a lot of webdesign companies come and go over the years, but we remain as one of the "old reliables." Give us a call for an estimate of a consultation.
  • Is it necessary that I have a "responsive" website built

    The designs and requirements for modern websites are nothing like the original versions. Today, it is necessary to create designs that are viewable on all devices. Eighty percent of all internet searches are now on mobile type devices. As a result, responsive websites have become a very necessary requirement. Search algorithms now favor responsive sites.
  • What is the cost of a website?

    Costs are driven by the required funtionality and the required size of the site. A three page website might run as little as $400-500 while larger sites will cost much more.
  • Are there additional expenses that I must consider?

    you must purchase a domain name. The annual cost will range from approximately $10 to as much as $40 per year. Hosting for your website is also a requirement. This will cost approximately $10 per month. Changes to or maintenance of your site is up to you. We have clients that regularly revise their content so that they remain fresh and current.
  • How do I get started?

    It is best to know what types of websites that you like. Browse the internet for examples of what you see as a possible "look" for your site. Also, create an outline of the content you need posted to your website. Once you have an idea of the information that you wish to include, write the information in a Word document. This saves a lot of time for the designer and therefore, keeps your costs low.